Trevanna Tracks, an innovative music license management system, greatly increases the efficiency of your entire team.

As a single shared resource, it's designed to save significant time and effort managing music licenses on your projects in every department.

Trevanna Tracks allows subscribers to create a database of potential tracks, managed seamlessly across teams in real time.

Its features include customizable lists, global searching, exports for data analytics, and the ability for complex tracking and reporting.



Calculate and communicate the entire music license budget from one easy-to-use platform.

that means: In an instant, know the exact relationship between your current EFC vs. what your cost report shows.



Effortlessly collaborate with all team members on a specific project.

that means: All departments on the same page, referencing the same versions, even when working from different locations.



Drag & drop respective documents into the platform, giving direct access to all team members within the project. 

that means: Spend less time writing emails, attaching documents, asking colleagues for action items, searching through your inbox, and keeping to-do lists.



Track every aspect related to a project’s music choices, from the idea stage through delivery.

that means: Be on the pulse of all quote & license statuses, contract versions, payments made, and the current running total.



Transparency and standardization allow for more efficient payment of licenses.

that means: Fluid workflow gets licenses paid more quickly and brings the project closer to delivery.



One-click delivery for Filmmakers and Studio Executives.

that means: At delivery, the platform exports all of your documents into a single professional ZIP file, perfectly labeling all required folders without typing a word...and you're done!