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see clearly now 

We know how many people it takes to successfully place music into the content we love so much ~ but why does this process have to be so chaotic?

The current scenario is scattered teams using grids on laptops, notes on post-its, Excel spreadsheets without standardized columns, the latest versions not circulated to all parties...and no one can see what the other is doing.

We’re on a mission to live in a world with
No. More. “Grids” ~ maybe it’s time to let the old ways die.

Incorporating Trevanna Tracks into your workflow is designed to be intuitive and robust, yet easy to use, with a very quick learning curve.

Founded by a team with decades of production experience, Trevanna Tracks was created specifically for what you do.



Trevanna Tracks is a single shared resource designed to save significant time and effort across all departments managing music licenses.

  • music supervisors

  • music managers

  • clearance teams

  • business affairs

  • post accountants

  • studio execs in production & finance

  • data managers

  • information system analysts

With permission-based access and in-platform task management, users now have a powerful tool which benefits your company as you continue to grow. 


trevanna tracks offers two modules:

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not to mention…
content data + marketing data
= big, BIG company data


music supervisors & clearance teams

  • No more grids: standardized fields allow for consistent data entry ~ so you know exactly what you have and what you’re missing

  • Real-time workflow ~ always have the most up-to-date and accurate information

  • Research song options prior to "locked" selections ~ then transfer confirmed tracks over for clearance and licensing

  • Retain all research on unused tracks for future reference

licensing teams, business affairs, post accountants, studio execs in production & finance

  • Create standalone and episodic projects with unlimited # of tracks and licenses

  • Upload quotes, confirmation letters, licenses, and proof of payments ~ and have all your documents accessible from one place

  • Send in-platform action requests to anyone on your team ~ no need to send additional emails or make multiple phone calls

  • Create a proprietary database of every track entered, whether fully licensed in Content or only researched in Playground

trailer houses, clearance teams, music marketing managers

  • Add an unlimited number of Assets, tracks and licenses with a simple CSV import

  • Manage quotes and licenses for each Asset ~ such as trailers, teasers and broadcast spots

  • Track Media Rights for all terms and territories, per license or across an entire Asset

  • Use the multi-select feature to easily designate numerous confirmations & approvals in one fell swoop