'"Throughout my 30 year career, tracking the status of music licensing has been difficult to manage at best. We have dealt with a stream of disparate spreadsheets that track only some of the information we need. With the division of responsibilities for initial clearances such as confirmation emails and draft licenses, to final licenses when we have a separate legal team, to post accounting making final payments, it is crystal clear how ineffective our “systems” have been.

It is a mind-numbing problem begging for a great solution which has finally arrived in the form of Trevanna Tracks. After beta-testing the Trevanna Tracks platform on projects such as THE BIG SICK and LIFE ITSELF, it was immediately apparent that Trevanna Tracks has changed the game. Its ease of use and web based platform allowing universal accessibility helped us track every phase of our music licensing process in a single, easy to use interface. Everything relevant, from confirmations through fully-executed contracts and proof of payments for Delivery was at our fingertips. The summary screen is a brilliant way to check status of everything you need at a glance and then instantly drill down to the detail to find out what’s missing or needs attention. And the ability to download a Ready-To-Deliver zip file of ALL required documents is a huge benefit. A game changer indeed.

Jennifer and her team are incredibly responsive, they give due consideration to customer input, and continue to roll out valuable, time saving features. I couldn’t be more thrilled that this platform now exists - I can’t recommend it enough!"

Michael A. Jackman | EVP, Post Production and Worldwide Delivery | FilmNation Entertainment