platform basics

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  • Budget, track, pay and deliver your music licenses in a collaborative, cloud-based workspace.
  • Create projects with an unlimited # of songs. 
  • Manage every phase of the licensing process.
  • Update sync and master fees.
  • Drag & drop uploads (i.e. confirmation letters, contracts, proof of payments).
  • Send action requests to anyone in your group.
  • Filter information, such as seeing every track paid to a specific licensor, etc.  
  • At completion, one-click downloads all elements into a zip file for delivery. Each folder, labeled by track, containing documents for each license. 
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  • Track music ideas prior to "locked" selections. 
  • Display all notes pertaining to a track. 
  • Clearly view expiration dates of all quotes. 
  • Transfer locked songs over to clearance without retyping data.  
  • Retain music research on unused tracks for future reference.
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  • "Content" for the marketing department!  
  • Manage your quotes and licenses for trailers and related assets.  
  • Unlimited assets per project. 
  • All music use options in one real-time tracks tab.
  • Same clean and efficient interface as the rest of Trevanna Tracks, with custom fields specific to marketing.