Celebrating 2 Years ~ Trevanna Tracks!
02/01/19 - Post New York Alliance

Trevanna Tracks celebrates 2 years post-launch!


The New Game-Changer in Music License Management
10/16/18 - Music Business Registry

Jennifer Freed opens up about starting in the business, founding Trevanna Post and developing Trevanna Tracks.


EP 44 Jenifer Freed
05/19/17 - The Other 50% ~ a herstory of Hollywood in Podcasts.

Jennifer is the Owner and President of Trevanna Post.  Trevanna is a post production accounting firm focusing on film and television, with offices in New York and Los Angeles.  She tells us her story from being the young blonde out of Stanford who “would never make it in Hollywood” to having a successful and thriving business for more than 20 years. Take that, naysayers. 

She talks about the importance of her mentor, working hard and learning as much as you can, and balancing a thriving family life – for herself and for her employees. And for the artists out there, we can’t emphasize enough how important the business and accounting side of this business is. It helps to make better creative decisions.