We know how many people it takes to successfully place music into the film and television programs we love so much ~

But why does this process have to be so chaotic?  The current scenario is scattered teams using grids on laptops, notes on post-its, Excel spreadsheets without standardized columns, the latest versions not circulated to all parties...and no one can see what the other is doing. 

Trevanna Tracks was specifically developed to eliminate inefficiencies across multiple departments.

This music license management platform was designed to be feature-rich, yet intuitive and simple to use, with a very quick learning curve.

Current users love the easy process and department feedback continues to be enthusiastic about the entire experience of incorporating Trevanna Tracks into their workflow.

  • One Username and Password: Login for access to all your projects, without having to log in and out.
  • Ensure Accuracy: The preset formulas and auto population features ensure quick, simple and accurate data entry.
  • Real-Time Information: Days are more productive with less inquiry and mystery, as all current information resides in one place, with transparent contract statuses and up-to-the-minute payment information.
  • Playground View: Track all your song options in one place prior to picture lock using our Playground View.  You can transfer locked songs over to clearance without retyping data.  Retain your research on unused tracks for future reference.
  • Marketing View: Manage your quotes and licenses for trailers and related assets using our Marketing View. This workspace has the same clean and efficient interface, with fields specific to marketing. 
  • Filter: Refine your search for outstanding elements to ascertain how close you are to delivery.
  • Built-in Customization: Clients enjoy the ability to customize multiple areas of the platform.  We also offer additional modification services including custom reporting to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

All together in one platform, with no other software required.

Trevanna Tracks is made specifically for what you do ~
You knew you needed it, and once you use it, you will never want to work without it again!

With an elegant user interface and everything in your licensing world living in one accessible place ~ you can start
budgeting, tracking, paying & delivering your music licenses in real-time today!